Dick’s Brewing is excited about a couple of new products & changes.

First, our Imperial Stout has been changed to a 22 oz. bottle! Same great taste – new package. You can find this product at your local bottle shop or NW Sausage & Deli (Dick’s retail outlet) or Dick’s Brewing Company

Imperial Stout | 7.5% ABV OG=1.074 TG=1.016 Rich, dark, malty and hypnotizing are only a few adjectives to describe this beautiful and complex beer. If you love dark chocolate, you may find yourself falling in love with our imperial stout. Large quantities of specialty malt give this ale a tantalizing depth of flavor. Caramel and chocolate malts, as well as black barley are used in the grain bill. Magnum hops are added during the boil to balance the substantial maltiness and Vanguard hops provide a nice spicy finish. Our house yeast ferments this wonderfully dark and satisfying beer.

Second, be on the look out for our Golden Ale! Finally, available in 6-packs. Great summertime beer, light & refreshing!

Golden Ale | 5.2% ABV OG = 1.050 TG = 1.0108 This offering from Dick’s is one of the lighter beers we produce. That doesn’t mean it is light in flavor! A traditional British golden ale brewed with 2-row malted barley and a touch of crystal malt, balanced with a substantial amount of hops.