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Custom Sausage Making

Bring us your deer, elk, bear or beef and we will make sausage for you using Dick’s original recipes.

  • 25 lb. minimum per item.
  • Meat may be brought in fresh or frozen.
  • After your meat is clean and boneless, it is best to freeze in large freezer bags, unless you will be bringing it in fresh (within a day or two). Keep meat refrigerated, not frozen.
  • Fresh meat in a cooler (without a bag) is difficult to get out. Frozen meat in a cooler or container (without a bag) is impossible to get out.
  • Prices include pork.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Meat may be dropped off anytime during business hours.
  • Remember, if we start with a good, fresh, clean product, we will finish with a quality sausage.

Call for more information: (360) 736-7760

From your meat25 lbs. or more per item50 lbs or more per item
Summer Sausage$2.90$2.80
Teriyaki Summer$3.20$3.10
Polish (Garlic)$3.10$3.00
Mild Pepperoni$3.25$3.15
Hot Pepperoni$3.25$3.15
Teriyaki Pepperoni$3.25$3.15
Pepper Stix$3.55$3.45
Jalapeño Pepperoni$3.65$3.55
Jalapeño Summer$3.50$3.40