Julie Pendleton Combines Women + Beer on International Women’s Day of Brewing

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Porter, a black lab greets me with a big sloppy kiss as I enter Dick’s Brewery in Centralia. Porter is happy to be here with Dick’s Brewery owner Julie Pendleton and the other women of Dick’s on this special day.

Beer and brewing has historically been a man’s business, focusing on their tastes and their breweries, but today it’s all about the ladies. Julie stepped in almost seven years ago after her father and brewery founder, Dick Young, passed away. “It goes so fast, it seems like yesterday,” she tells me as we sit down to visit about International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. For the second year in a row these women are brewing their own batch, just like thousands of other women around the world.

From Dick’s Brewery in Centralia, all the way to Australia, different breweries take part in a day where women make the beer. “Last year, when we participated, it was the first time I ever brewed,” says Julie while showing me the process. She says it’s been a huge learning experience because she focuses her attention on the administrative side of the business. “It’s neat to be a part of this event with women around the world,” she adds.

A brown ale is on tap for this year’s women’s brew. All female brewers are loosely following the same recipe. International Woman’s Collaboration Brew Day calls the recipe Unite Ale.  And, while women around the world are making the same brew, the mixture of malts, oats, and barley is individual to the specific brewer.

Leighanne Eiland works in the taproom and this is her second year creating a woman’s brew. “It’s fun when we can all come together.  You feel like part of the family,” Leighanne explains when I ask why she is here. She says it’s an enjoyable day and gives her information she can share with her customers too.

“Working together gives us a sense of ownership over our creation. Our batch is something that we can specifically be proud of creating together,” Julie adds.

During the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, Brewmaster Dave Pendleton, Julie’s husband, patiently explains each step, answering questions, and showing how things are done. Dave takes each question in stride.  “Sharing knowledge gets my female employees involved and provides a better understanding of the brewing process,” he says.

The women laugh and share stories with each other as they wait for the beer to transfer to the kettle and then boil.  It’s not an immediate process, but well worth the wait. This is a day just about these women making their own beer and it’s obvious how much they are enjoying each other and the learning process.

In about two weeks The Better Half Unite Brown Ale will be ready to share with the community and can be found in locations in Thurston and Lewis counties.

“This day is about education, teaching and experiencing something most women don’t have the opportunity to be a part of,” reflects Julie. “Not only does the day build our Brewery team, it also ‘unites’ everyone together through ownership in something we can be proud of as a brewery.”

And as we enjoy it, similar brews will be shared around the world, all created by women, all on this day.

Look for it on tap at the Brewery Tasting Room and Northwest Sausage & Deli

Tasting Room Hours Friday & Saturday 3:00-7:30 (must be 21)

Northwest Sausage & Deli Monday – Wednesday 9:30-5:00; Thursday – Saturday 9:30-9:00 (family friendly)

Dick’s Brewing Company

3516 Galvin Road in Centralia

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